You Deserve to Unwind: Here are 5 Simple Tips on how to Heal and De-stress

Stress is the restless nights of sleep, thinking of your to-do-list as you toss and turn for the millionth time on end. It’s lying awake at 2am playing candy crush and all your worst fears coming to reality as you wake up from a nightmare where most of your management had the courtesy of joining. Stress is waking up tired, even though you are positive that you got a few hours’ sleep, as you count them in desperation on your fingers.

Stress is wondering how to word an email properly, writing it three times over and reading it through triple the amount to make sure you didn’t mess up. You do not stop there... Oh no, you then go on your ‘sent mail’ in a complete panic to re-read it and ensure you sent it to the right person. Stress is refreshing your inbox repeatedly to see if this colleague replied to your email and convincing yourself that they must be busy and they will reply later.

Stress is the lack of confidence in yourself and those around you, it’s creating problems in your head wh…

Don't let your mind get hijacked - Here's how to get sh*t done!

Do you ever find yourself in a position with just too much to do and not knowing where to start? Maybe the backlog after the Christmas holidays has got you banging your head against the wall? 

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Yes, work can be stressful at times (or most of the time!), but there are several small habits that we can change to help boost our productivity and help us get more things done in a more structured and organised way… HOORAY!😁

Avoid multitasking (if you’re a guy, you can skip to the next tip…we all know you can’t multitask anyway)
Although this may seem like a super-power in most cases, multitasking might not be helping your efficiency as much as you think it does. In fact, several studies have shown that attempting to do numerous things at once may result in a loss of productivity. Instead, although I know how tempting it is to do just the opposite, try to work on completing one task before moving on to another.
For those of you who are too hooked to their multit…

And there you were, thinking Engineering is just for men. Well, think again.

Celebrating women in Engineering - Here are 4 inspirational women in our organisation, also representing the other female Engineers at GO, who are seriously making it happen in the world of technology.

At GO we are proud of our team of female Engineers who inspire us every day as they reach their personal heights together with their teams. Find out more about the story of these 4 women and their love affair with Engineering as they unravel their success in a male-dominated industry.
Sarah Fenech, describes to us how from a young age she used to dismantle toys to feed her curiosity about how things work. Today, a Systems Specialist, Sarah describes how she finds her job ‘interesting since she is able to work on different platforms and technologies, broadening her knowledge’.
From a very young age, I was always interested to understand how things worked, in fact, I must admit that I might have broken some of my toys trying to dismantle them! This also led me to continue studying Maths and …

Nobody likes a Negative Nancy – So here’s how not to be one!

Love your job? Couldn’t imagine working anywhere else? I bet you that no matter how awesome your job is, there is still going to be that morning when you wake up and will do almost anything to stay in bed binging on a series or spend a day at the beach. But instead, you drag yourself out of the house and convince yourself that this feeling will disappear once you get to the office.

Nobody likes a ‘’Negative Nancy’’... they walk into a room in the morning and you feel like all the positive vibes have escaped through any available exits. You sit with them at lunch, or in a meeting, and all you wonder is whether you will walk away looking gloomier than they do. 

But, have you ever stopped to think whether there were instances where you were a Negative Nancy yourself?
Here are a few tips to help keep your positive vibes flowing throughout the day 💪
Be Friends with your ColleaguesFortunately at GO, we have enough work friends to go around. Nowadays, you end up spending more time with your col…

6 Not-So-Obvious Reasons Why Our Workplace Rocks

No matter what your role is, you will always be your friends' customer care representative.
Once you start working at GO, you become the point of contact for any query, sale, or issue your friends (and acquaintances) may have. Thank God we're 1000! - At least we split the workload! PS: If you're into shopping, start getting your sales leads now. Referrals are rewarded! Despite all our efforts - weight gain is uncontrollable We try. We reaaally try. We have a gym, we have fitness classes, fruit bowls in our offices, and a whole well-being programme. 😳
But honestly, how can you say no to beer on a Friday, to birthday cakes, training goodies, and chocolates when someone is back from a holiday, or when you have a coworker who spends their free time baking?
Oh well, I guess we're all on a see-food diet. 

No matter where you are - we will find you
We're around all Malta and Gozo, so we miss each other when we're far away hence we try to keep in touch as much as possible. 

5 Tips to Change your Morning Nightmare into a Love Affair

It’s Sunday afternoon, you’re having a nice cup of tea when suddenly it hits you … tomorrow – back to work! What the heck am I going to wear?! You think about your endless to-do list and the zillion emails in your inbox. The week looks tough and you know you won’t be able to have time to wake up early and come up with an amazingly fashionable outfit every single day. Don’t worry! Grab your tea, walk to your wardrobe and let’s get creative.
It’s good to keep in mind what kind of dress-code your department is after because you might end up wearing an outfit which may make you feel either overdressed or underdressed.
Smart casual dress-codes are quite the common thing so hurray for us! There are a lot of accessories and fun stuff to add to simple-yet-smart outfits which won’t break the bank. The key is to keep everything simple and sophisticated. Don’t over-do it! Ultimately, you still need to feel like yourself and comfortable for at least 8 hours!
Essential things to have in your wardrobe…