Embracing Diversity And Fostering Inclusion

At GO, we constantly strive to create and foster diversity, making room for learning opportunities as we continuously work together towards a more inclusive experience. This time round, we chose to honour the Deaf and Blind communities. In doing so, we wanted to extend a helping hand and support both the Deaf and the Blind societies in Malta, with the ultimate aim of raising awareness and exposure of these communities.

Advocating for deaf & blind in the workplace

We believe that deaf or blind individuals should not be defined by their impairment. Just like any other individual, they too have a lot to offer to society and the workplace, and through the use of technology as well as an increase of awareness amongst other colleagues, they are able to implement certain strategies that allow them to work around the hurdles and challenges posed by their hearing or vision impairments. 

The essence of our message is to depict that not only do people who are deaf or blind thrive in the workpl…

We are Working Parents: From Family Friendly Measures… to Wanting to Unfriend Your Family?

I am no stranger to working from home.  It has been part and parcel of my life ever since I re-entered the workforce after having had my two boys, Charlie and Michael now aged 10 and 9.  When I first joined GO, in fact, I must confess that one of the main incentives at the time for doing so and for leaving my previous employment, were its family-friendly measures. 
Even before COVID-19 hijacked our lives, GO’s remote working options were inspiring and ahead of their time, allowing employees the space to cultivate a work-life balance. This is an issue which so many working parents generally struggle with.
Just hours after the first few cases in Malta were reported, those whose tasks allowed them to, were immediately asked and encouraged to work from home to avoid the spread. Now that most other businesses and national institutions have had to take similar steps, life looks very different for many of us.Working from home has taken a completely different dimension now as rather than being …

Say NO to Boredom! 7 Tips on how to stay entertained at home

Now that we are all being instructed to avoid any non-essential outings from our homes and to practice social distancing, many of us are developing mixed feelings about any upcoming holidays or days off work. The usual excitement of "YAY tomorrow is a public holiday!" is being replaced by thoughts of boredom and not knowing how to pass the time whilst stuck inside.

So we thought of sharing with you some ideas of how you can keep yourself entertained and busy on a day off in the comfort of your home! Spring cleaning This one’s for my fellow organising-obsessed people! For me, nothing beats the feeling of de-cluttering and deep-cleaning those drawers, cupboards or wardrobes that don’t usually see the light of day. For those of you who are not too keen on spring cleaning, this might be the perfect time for you to fall in love with all things organised; because let’s face it, it’s a rare thing to have so much ‘free’ time on our hands. So make the most of it and get your home organi…

COVID-19 & Taking Care of Your Mental Health – 8 Tips to keep in mind

This is the time to make your wellbeing a priority!
COVID-19 is not only affecting us physically but also mentally, this time of crisis is creating stress and anxiety for a large amount of people. The reality is that we are in this together, and at one point or another many of us will experience stress and anxiety, yet the important thing is that we have the right tools and healthy coping mechanisms in place to combat these overwhelming emotions as soon as they hit us. We need to figure out how we are going to put our well-being at the forefront as we get through this trying time together.
Every individual reacts differently to stress and anxiety, whether it is a change in sleeping or eating patterns, finding difficulty in concentrating or increased use of alcohol or other substances. In a worrying time like this, being anxious is normal, so do not get stuck in over analysing that anxiety. Like in all other stressful situations, we will be able to adapt to a new way of living and workin…

COVID-19 & Remote Working: Adapting to this Rapid Change

Sleeping in. Staying comfy. Saying good-bye to traffic. Being in the comfort of your own home. Remote working can seem like a dream — until you start to experience it first hand and realise that the days can seem longer, that your colleagues’ company makes a huge difference in your work days, and that the line between personal and professional becomes a blur. Obviously, having this flexibility may improve quality of life, however we need to put a few boundaries in place in order for us to get work done whilst managing our work-life balance better.

Moreover, some companies had to implement remote working overnight, due to the recent and rapid updates on the COVID-19 situation globally. This means that people may be finding a bigger challenge to adapt immediately to this new working style.
Therefore, here are a few tips that will help you stay motivated and productive when working from the comfort of your home (without losing your sanity!).  

Establish Your Working Hours
Different roles re…

5 Top Tips for Businesses in Moments of National Crisis

Every business has had to face moments of disruption at some point or another. However when faced with disruption on a national scale, it takes response and preparation to a whole new level. It is a time when companies are really put to the test, but a time when they can truly live up to their purpose and values.

Here are our 5 top tips to help businesses get through these difficult times:
1. Protect your Employees

Your employees cannot serve your customers well unless they feel appreciated and protected. Do everything you can to ensure their safety and well-being.

2. Set up that Response Team

No man is an island. You need that one team that works incredibly well together, that knows the business inside out. Put a plan together, share it, debate it, agree on it and implement it. Have clear lines of communication to facilitate roll-out of all activities. 

3. Stress Test those Finances

Assume the worst case scenario and ensure that payroll is protected and you have enough cash flow to pay tho…

GO Beyond - from Pride Week to a Life of Pride

"None of us should ever have to choose between a career we love and living our lives with authenticity and integrity."
The average full time European works 40.3 hours per week, meaning that roughly 76,000 hours of our existence is spent working. Considering that a good chunk of our life is dedicated to our careers, it is of utmost importance that we work in a place where we are comfortable and feel confident that we will be treated with the same respect as the rest of our colleagues, regardless of any ‘’differences’’.
Studies have shown that when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community, the biggest decisions that members have to face is disclosing their sexual identity, in the fear of being discriminated against and rejected by their colleagues. In turn, this emotional roller coaster lowers an individual’s physical and mental well-being and could lead to a decrease in productivity, being absent from the work place and good employees quitting altogether. Organisations would be smart t…